Daniel Rudder


New York City
T: + 1 212 967 3955
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Daniel Rudder is a Principal in the Compliance, Forensics and Intelligence department and leads the Intelligence and Research practice. Daniel is based in New York and his practice focuses on due diligence and the covert collection and analysis of hard-to-get information to formulate and inform client strategy. He helps manage a global source network that provides on-the-ground assessments in support of client decisions and transactions. Daniel’s recent projects include:

  • Helping a client effectively relieve pricing pressure and understand the activities of a disruptive competitor. Daniel leveraged his investigative findings to craft a series of messages, which the client used to push back on its customers and successfully relieve the pricing pressure.
  • Supporting an American infrastructure developer’s efforts to gain government approval for a project in a foreign country. Daniel examined the client’s existing reputation in that country and identified and analyzed key influencers, helping the client to formulate strategies to convert those influencers into advocates.
  • Daniel also manages Control Risks’ support for hedge funds.

Daniel previously served with the US Government and as a member of the New York Police Department’s Counter-Terrorism Bureau. He lived in Southeast Asia and managed a risk assessment and investment advisory firm. Daniel also worked in Beirut, Lebanon, as an analyst with an international risk consultancy.

Daniel has a bachelor’s degree in Buddhism and Asian Anthropology, and a Masters of International Affairs in International Security Policy, both from Columbia University. He is proficient in Arabic and French, and speaks Cambodian.