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  • Cambodia: Scenarios: Growing political, social instability as election cycle approaches
  • Ecuador: Tax increases reflect persistently complex tax environment, not increased tax risk
  • Nicaragua: Bulk of principal powerbrokers remain in place following minor cabinet ‘reshuffle’
  • Mexico: Allegations of influence peddling highlight continued corruption in public procurement processes
  • Colombia: Designation of new vice-president unlikely to shift government policy
  • Argentina: Reduction in homicides reflects increased policing, federal assistance in Buenos Aires
  • Iran: Timely steps towards conversion of underground enrichment site point to stable sanctions risk
  • Bahrain: Protest over wages highlights potential for labour unrest
  • Uzbekistan: Elite in-fighting to increase but not lead to broader instability amid president’s reprimand of key rival
  • Mid East & N Africa: Turkish prime minister’s visit unlikely to stem war risk in northern federal Iraq
  • Kuwait: Motion to question minister underscores likelihood of clashes between opposition, cabinet
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Secessionist rhetoric, political instability to persist despite US sanctions against Republika Srpska president
  • Mid East & N Africa: 2017: What to Watch
  • Syria: Rebel agreement to attend peace talks reflects renewed willingness to find political solution to conflict
  • Botswana: Likely liquidation of state mining company to undermine utility infrastructure maintenance
  • Asia & the Pacific: Suspension of joint US military exercises underscores Cambodia’s military reliance on China
  • Cambodia: Prime minister’s statement underlines continued political tensions ahead of local, general elections
  • Australia: Minor cabinet reshuffle maintains balance between internal factions, government stability to persist
  • Asia & the Pacific: China-Thailand relations likely to continue improving given Thai regime’s economic priorities
  • Kenya: Localised unrest likely as rival political alliances shift focus to registration of voters

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