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  • Guatemala: Protest reflects increasing pressure by indigenous constituency to secure constitutional reform
  • Mexico: Nationwide uptick in violence reflects changing dynamics related to organised criminal groups
  • Costa Rica: Security minister’s announcement highlights emergence of threats in security environment
  • Brazil: Cargo theft schemes underline strength of specialised criminal gangs
  • Kazakhstan: Political stability risks unlikely to rise in first half of 2017 despite evidence of decline in living standards
  • Finland: Labour market uncertainty likely to increase amid breakdown of framework agreements
  • Tanzania: New media law to increase investment restriction risk
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina: Genocide case against Serbia likely to lead to state government collapse, worsening inter-entity relations
  • Egypt: Investment in hydrocarbons sector to improve prospects for repayment
  • Iraq: Failed vehicle bombing targeting Karbala province underscores persistent militant threat
  • Direct Action: Protests, strikes highlight peaceful nature of pro-diversity protests, threat of minor business disruption
  • Egypt: Arrests of militants in North Sinai underline challenges faced by counterinsurgency operations
  • Eritrea: Reported arrest of journalists highlights continued repression of suspected dissidents
  • Iraq: Sunni political conference, draft reconciliation document unlikely to reduce political tensions
  • Kuwait: Plan to question prime minister highlights risk of political instability
  • Saudi Arabia: Border incidents, missile intercepts do not indicate change to status quo
  • Libya: Customs duty hike unlikely to ease sovereign risk
  • China: New inspections, top leadership meeting point to sustained anti-corruption efforts
  • Thailand: Agreement on ceasefire zone unlikely to mitigate security risks in insurgency-hit far south
  • Asia & the Pacific: Border dispute over road project unlikely to strain Cambodia-Laos relations, trigger conflict

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