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  • Nigeria: Raid in Borno state highlights ideological differences between Islamist militant factions
  • Mid East & N Africa: Conflict between Israel and Hamas or Hizbullah increasingly likely over next two years
  • Libya: Blockades underscore potential for disruption to energy assets
  • Egypt: Arrests of militants, Islamic State affiliate’s video underscore EXTREME security risk in North Sinai
  • Russia: Widespread truck driver protests likely to cause significant operational disruption, delays on delivery routes
  • Uzbekistan: Modest regulatory changes do not indicate broader relaxation of currency, capital controls
  • Singapore: Terrorism risk LOW amid strong, improving state surveillance and response capabilities
  • Thailand: Implementation delays, project reviews likely to plague rail projects despite governmental push
  • Malaysia: Risk of erratic changes in foreign worker policy likely to persist amid political sensitivities
  • Indonesia: Planned protest in the capital unlikely to escalate into serious violence; tensions to persist
  • Benin: Contention around constitutional reform process unlikely to fuel major unrest
  • South Korea: Former opposition leader retains lead in polls, primaries, likely to win presidential election
  • India: Racially motivated attacks in capital underline security risks to African nationals
  • France: Violence after Chinese man’s death underlines tendency for anti-police protests to descend into rioting
  • Yemen: Coalition likely to attempt to retake Hodeidah, but speed of success dependent on US support
  • China: Anti-corruption drive to strengthen with wider enforcement scope, greater institutionalisation
  • Turkmenistan: Reports of high unemployment underscore economic decline, associated non-payment, contract repudiation risks
  • Colombia: Doubts about alleged dissident guerrillas signal risks to credibility of peace agreement
  • Paraguay: Accusations of constitutional breach underline heightened tensions, governability challenges
  • Bolivia: Detention of public officials unlikely to further deteriorate bilateral relations

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